Services - Speciality Coatings

Finishing Matters Limited have started using and promoting the use of DuPont Alesta® AM Powder Coatings to key customer groups where clean is critical:

Over recent years there has been increasing public concern over the rise in bacterial infections, particularly with the increasing prevalence of antibiotic resistant strains. The DuPont Alesta® AM Powder Coatings we use help to prevent the growth of bacteria, mould and fungi on the surface of a product. It has been proved that products which utilise these coatings effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA strain) and E-Coli. Independent tests have shown a reduction of >99.9% inthese micro-organisms after contact with Alesta® AM Powder coated surfaces.

We believe this is a must for areas such as :

  • Hospital Patient Areas
  • Medical Devices
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Food Service and Packaging Areas
  • Pharmaceutical Labs
  • Childcare Facilities
  • Any area needing protection against microbes

The high performance protection which we can offer through the use of these products make us an ideal choice for manufacturers and designers of: 

  • Food Equipment - 
    mixing bowls, serving trays, salad bars, sinks, coolers, display cases
  • Home Appliances -
    refrigerators, washers, dryers small electricals
  • Food Processing -
    Grinders, trays, storage bins, processing equipment
  • Medical
    Instrument trays, racks, sterilisation equipment, bedpans, counter tops, examination tables, carts, beds and lighting fixtures
  • Construction
    Kickplates, towel dispensers, doors, restroom equipment

Available in all colours, gloss levels and special finishes DuPont Alesta® AM Powder Coatings have already been used for a number of years in the USA for coating products such as door handles,ductwork, lockers and shelving n schools and hospitals - now Hi-Spec are offering them to their customers in the UK - to find out more click here and fill in the form - we'll get right back to you.